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Breakfast at the Aloft

Breakfast Hours at Aloft: The hotel food and beverage sector is in change. Room service is either being phased out or undergoing a major transformation. Grab-and-go restaurants are replacing three-meal restaurants, but breakfast remains the most popular option.

Many brands are rethinking the importance of breakfast for their customers, and Aloft Hotels is the latest to do so. Breakfast is the most essential breakfast meal that you can have.

According to Aloft Hotels, the revamped Refuel Aloft breakfast concept “promises to radically redefine the way guests experience the most essential meal of the day.”

The upgrade includes the introduction of 13 portable breakfast containers that can be purchased at more than 90 Aloft Hotels across the United States, with ambitions to expand the service to all Aloft Hotels globally. The Refuel breakfast bowls are meant to give guests an invigorating and nutritious breakfast on the run.

“We undertook an in-depth investigation into consumer demands and worldwide food trends to assist us define exactly what Aloft’s target guests were seeking for from a hotel breakfast experience,” Toni Stoeckl, global brand manager and VP of Distinctive Select Brands, stated. “

The results were clear: people wanted something hot, fast, and fresh that they could take with them on the go, and the Re: fuel breakfast pots were conceived as a result.”

Aloft guests can choose from 13 different Re: fuel breakfast pot options to get the perfect breakfast for them. There are vegan, sweet, and savoury options on the menu

  • The First Edition Poached eggs, bacon with cheese sauce, and scallion
  • The Ranchero is a type of cowboy. The Ranchero consists of black bean salsa with avocado, tortilla chips, a poached egg in lime, sour cream and cilantro, grape tomato, and salsa.
  • What’s Good: grain poached egg, avocado goat cheese, cucumbers, basil honey lemon vinaigrette, salt
  • Hash with Corned Beef is a traditional dish. scallion, poached egg, and poached egg
  • Sweet potato hash with a poached egg and onion
  • The Filling: Pork and bean foundation with poached eggs, pepper, and scallion
  • Quinoa and mushrooms provide protein. Kale, basil, poached egg with lemon vinaigrette, salt, and pepper
  • Brussel sprouts are the Lean Green. Kale, avocado, poached eggs, basil, and a salt-and-pepper lemon vinaigrette
  • The Southern States Cheddar grits, chicken, Sriracha honey poached eggs, honey, and scallion
  • It’s a Southern classic: cheddar grits, poached eggs, yellow cheddar slivers, pepper, and scallion.
  • Various berries, granola, mint leaves, maple syrup, and lemon ricotta in the Sweet Mini Pancakes
  • The Fruit The Berry: fresh fruits, honey, granola, and mint leaves in an overnight oat base yoghurt
  • French toast with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, icing mint leaves, and powdered sugar for a brunch.

The Re: fuel scheme will be built around digital kiosks. Customers can place orders at the kiosks, and the things they select will be tailored to their specific requirements. A unique avatar sticker is placed on each pot. This also serves as a date stamp for the pot’s creation.

Implementation of the Program

Throughout the process, the brand collaborated closely with its franchisees and owner advisory group. According to Stoeckl, 96 percent of owners believe that the new Re: fuel concept is a considerable improvement.

“In comparison to conventional offers in our market, they have considered the programme to be ‘game changing’ for our tier of hotels,” he added. “They’ve told us that the programme is relevant to our customers, simple to implement, and has the potential to generate revenue.”

The price of the pots is set by the unique properties, according to Stoeckl. However, the price must be comparable to other breakfast establishments such as Starbucks and Pret A Manger.

Beginning March 1, the service will be available at Aloft hotels across the United States. In the near future, the new model will be expanded in Aloft Hotels throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, with the concept being tailored to the local culture and fashions.

“We came up with this non-traditional way to ensure our guests can still have a hot, made-to-order breakfast before they leave for the day,” said Bridget Higgins, global brand director at Aloft Hotels.

“We wanted to create an experience that was relevant to the people they serve, and with foodie culture growing in popularity, we wanted to provide an experience that was relevant to the people they serve.” The Re: fuel breakfast containers provide guests with a quick and easy way to have an amazing meal in the morning before an event or excursion, all while being transported in a stylish and colourful container. This is the official website.

The brand’s research findings aided Aloft in narrowing its focus to things sold in the grab-and-go category, with a stronger emphasis on fun, balanced local and natural products.

Chameleon Cold Brew coffee, Buddha Bowl Himalayan Salt Popcorn snacks, Graze snacks, and Fairytale Gum Gourmet Gum are all available at Re: fuel’s grab-and-go store.


Is the coffee in the Aloft hotel free?

The motel provides complimentary coffee.

Is breakfast included in the price of an aloft room?

Are you staying at a Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, Protea AC, or Moxy? Yes, as a welcome gift, you can choose from a breakfast buffet, a daily meal, or beverage credits.

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