Price List for Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Menu in 2022

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is a steakhouse chain with locations throughout the United States and Mexico.
For Happy Hours, visit a Ruth Chris restaurant in your neighborhood. Happy Hour is a period during which a restaurant offers discounts and promotions on its meals.

This article will provide you all the details you need to know about Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour, including the pricing, hours, and menu.

This article will persuade you, even if the flavour and texture of a Ruth’s Chris steak or drink are still a mystery to you.

Time for Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour

You might be curious as to when Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour begins. Every day except Saturday, they host a happy hour. Weekends and weekdays are the same. Here’s a list of them.

  • MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY: 4:30–7:00 p.m.
  • SAT. – 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.

The Happy Hour slot runs nearly every day in the evening. Enjoy Happy Hours with your friends and dinner as a group.

This is the traditional Happy Hour schedule. At various outlets, this timetable is subject to vary.

You might discover more holiday hours at some stores than you would at others.

Happy Hour Menu at Ruth’s Chris

Ruth’s Chris is well-known for its succulent and crispy steaks. Seafood, soups, and salads are also available.

In the Bar section, you’ll find cocktails, red and white wine, as well as sparkling water.

The Happy Hour Menu resembles the normal menu in appearance. It is subject to change depending on your location. You can learn more about them by visiting their official website.

To obtain the information, look for a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse near you.

The normal Happy Hour Menu can be seen here.


As part of their Sizzle, Swizzle, Swirl Happy Hour menu, Ruth’s Chris provides delectable full-size appetisers.

  • Fries and a Prime Burger
  • Steak Sandwich with Fries
  • Roasted Artisan Chicken Sandwich
  • Beignets with crab
  • Zucchini Fries
  • Seared Ahi Tuna
  • Spicy Shrimp
  • RUTH’S PREMIUM CHEESEBURGER – quality meat, premium cheese, with french fries
  • SEARED AHI TUNA with cucumbers from England and a mustard-beer sauce
  • SPICY SHRIMP — spicy cream sauce with fried shrimp


Signature cocktails with distinct flavours and tastes are created in the Bar area.

If you don’t want to drink cocktails, you can choose for beer or wine. Not all of these cocktails are offered in every location.


Reposado Herradura, Cointreau, fresh lime, and orange juice


Raspberry, Cointreau, cranberry, and lime juice

Price for Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour

The Happy Hour pricing will astound you. Starting at $9, you can receive high-quality cuisine. For as little as $9, you can get a glass of wine or a homemade cocktail. The beers cost $4 each.

We hope this information was useful in helping you plan your next Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse lunch. Take advantage of the happy hour specials.

During happy hours, reservations are not accepted. Reservations are only accepted in the bar or eating area.

FAQs about Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour

Is it okay to wear pants to Ruth’s Chris?

It had been almost a year. The dress code is business casual. This means no tank tops or crop tops are permitted. It makes no difference if you dress up like you’re going to a wedding; great dining is a must, so don’t be scared to display your real colours.

Is it okay for me to wear shorts to Ruth’s Chris?

We ask that guests refrain from wearing objectionable logos, vulgarity, or shorts that are too short. Formal headwear, such as cocktail hats or fascinators, are permitted in the main dining area. When entering the eatery, all visitors are instructed to remove their ball hats.

Do you give Ruth Chris a tip?

Unlike most other establishments, Ruth’s Chris does not charge tip. Unwittingly, many tables become rigid. Your regulars, fortunately, keep you afloat. A lack of communication with guests about gratuity is the cause of high turnover.

Is it okay to wear your gym sneakers to Ruth Chris?

Before entering the restaurant, please remove all headwear. The bar/lounge does not allow ball caps. The following items are not permitted in our dining rooms: Swimwear, tank tops, and apparel with obscene graphics or words are prohibited.

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