Menu for Mr. Beast Burgers in 2023 with prices

The Mr. Beast Burger menu offers combos, four regular burgers, five impossible burgers, three sandwiches, three types of fries, dessert, and beverages.

You can select your own preferred combo from two available possibilities in the combos area.

One is a chicken sandwich combo, and the other is a beast-style burger combo.

A beast-style burger with crushed beef patties, crispy fries, and a beverage are included in the beast-style burger combo. It costs approximately $13.79.

Similar to this, a chicken sandwich combo comes with a drink, fries, and a crispy, tender chicken sandwich. The cost of this combination is approximately $13.79 alone.

There are four alternatives for burgers, including beast style, Chris style, Chandler style, and Karl’s Deluxe.

All of these have crushed, crispy beef patties along with various buns and additional seasonings.

These hamburgers cost between $8.99 and $10.99. The impossible burger category has 5 variations.

The combo option featuring an impossible beast-style burger is one example.

One impossible beast style, impossible Chris style, impossible Chandler style, and difficult Carl’s Deluxe are all part of the second category.

The most well-liked and frequently purchased burgers at Mr. Beast Burger are impossible burgers.

Because they are made with premium ingredients, unique flavors, sauces, and smashed crispy patties, they fall within their premium range.

Additionally, the buns are just out of the oven and have a delicious, soft, and buttery toasted top.

You can also get your hands on delectable sandwiches at Mr. Beast Burger.

Karl’s grilled cheese sandwich is the most basic, least expensive, most delectable sandwich.

It costs only $5.79 and only has cheese and a bread; it doesn’t come with any meat or vegetables.

But fried and tender chicken with lettuce, pickles, and sauces can be found in the crispy chicken sandwich and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

In addition to these, you can request loaded beast-style fries, regular crinkle fries, and trademark crinkle fries.

Water and cookies are also available for purchase at Mr. Beast Burger.


MrBeast Burger Prices

Items Calories Price
Chicken Sandwich
2 Beef Patties With American Cheese + Toasted Bun.
Beast Style
Smashed Crispy Beef Patties + American Cheese, House Seasoning, Pickles, Ketchup, Diced White Onion, Mayo & Brown Mustard.
950 $8.49
Karl’s Deluxe
Caramelized Onions & Cheese + Seasoned Beef Patty
410 $7.49
Chris Style
2 Smashed Beef Patties With American Cheese, House Seasoning, Bacon, Topped With Crinkle Fries
810 $9.49


Includes Fries & Drink.

Items Calories Price
Chicken Sandwich
A Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich Or Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich.
1100-1610 $13.79
Beast Style Burger
Beef Patties, Diced White Onion, American cheese House Seasoning, Pickles, Ketchup, Mayo & Brown Mustard
1000-1810 $13.79

Impossible Beast Burgers

Items Calories
Chandler Style
2 Smashed Impossible Patties + House Seasoning, American Cheese
Chris Style
2 Smashed Crispy Impossible Patties With American Cheese, House Seasoning, and Bacon, Topped With Crinkle Fries On A Toasted Bun.
Karl’s Deluxe
Caramelized Onions & Cheese with A Seasoned Impossible Patty
Chris Style
2 Smashed Crispy Impossible Patties With American Cheese, House Seasoning, Bacon, Topped With Crinkle Fries On A Toasted Bun.


Items Calories Price
Chicken Tender 
With Shredded Lettuce, Mayo & Pickles
860 $8.49
Karl’s Grilled
3 Slices Of American Cheese
320 $5.29


Items Calories Price
Signature Crinkle Fries $3.99
Crinkle Fries 240 $3.99
Beast Style Fries 510 $5.79


Items Calories Price
Chocolate Chip Cookie 360 $2.49

Canned Beverages

Items Calories Price
Bottled Water $1.99
Diet Coke $1.99
Coke 140 $1.99
Sprite 140 $1.99

Final Reflections

When you’re in the mood for a burger, order one from Mr. Beast Burger’s Impossible Beast collection.

Beyond expectations are their premium burgers with smoked patties, fried chicken, vegetables, sauces, pickles, and seasonings.

All of the burgers on their menu are worth the price due to their size, quality, scent, and taste.

Additionally, they offer sandwiches, cookies for dessert, a selection of fries, and beverages.

Combining your beast-style burger with these delectable sides will allow you to indulge whenever you want.

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