O’Charley’s Menu and Prices

Everyone agrees that O’Charley’s is a special place when discussing casual eating options including crispy strips, BBQ ribs, and chicken tortilla soup.

This restaurant began as a tiny business and has grown into a destination for delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere, and extraordinary flavours.

O’Charley’s chicken tenders & tenders, sides, combos like steak & tenders, their classic sandwiches, loaded greens for the folks, and some sweet desserts are just a few of the mouthwatering shareables on this restaurant’s menu.

The main specialty of the O’Charley’s restaurant group is their chicken tenders and tenders.

You can also choose from a variety of mouthwatering sauces, including honey mustard, chipotle, buffalo, smokey honey BBQ, and honey boom boom.

Of course, you’ll notice a variety of tenders you’ll like, like mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, and tenders made in the country with mushrooms, onions, and pecans.

Before being served, their chicken tenders are breaded, dipped in buttermilk, then cooked.

But if you don’t like chicken tenders, you may also order their burgers and sandwiches.

The most popular item on their menu is their basic cheeseburger, which comes with onions, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese.

Another classic sandwich is the O’Club, which features turkey, bacon, ham, cheese, and lettuce.


O’Charley’s Seasonal Specials

Items Calories Price
Louisiana Sirloin (+2 Sides) 720-1760 $19.99
Meatball Crostini 980 $8.99
Build Own Combo (Customizable) $14.99
Santa Fe Tilapia 540 $12.49
Basil Butter Mahi 510-1690 $18.99
Tiramisu 570 $7.99

O’Charley’s Family Style Meals

Items Serves Price
Chicken Tenders (Famous) 6 $34.99
Chicken Tenders and Bacon Cheeseburgers $44.99
Southern Fried Chicken (Honey Drizzled) 6 $39.99
Pasta (Chicken Alfredo) 4-6 $29.99
Seafood Combo 4-6 $49.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta (New Orleans) 4-6 $39.99
Chicken Breast (Grilled) 6 $34.99

Party Platters

Items Serves Price
Chicken Tenders (Original) 36 Pcs $49.99
Combo Appetizer (Top Shelf) $49.99
Dip Sampler 4-6 $29.99
Baby Back Ribs $59.99
Ribs and Tenders Combo (24 Pcs of Chicken) $59.99
Chicken (Fried) Tender Salad (Southern) 4-6 $49.99
Spinach and Artichoke Dip 4-6 $24.99

Chicken Tenders Menu

Items Calories Price
Chicken Tenders Dinner (O’charley’s Famous ) 1190-2370 $13.99
Ribs and Chicken Tenders 1070-2250 $19.99
Chicken Tenders and Fries (O’charley’s Famous ) 1410 $11.99
Tenders (Country Style) 1080-2260 $14.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders 1150-2190 $19.99

Steaks, Ribs, and Salmon

Items Calories Price
Salmon (Cedar Planked) 590-1630 $19.99
Louisiana Sirloin 720-1760 $19.99
Pork Chops (Bone In) 1190-2370 $14.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 6 Oz. 460-1780 $15.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 9 Oz. 460-1780 $18.99
Top Sirloin (6 Oz.) 390-1690 $13.99
Top Sirloin (12 Oz.) 390-1690 $18.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders 1150-2190 $19.99
Filet Mignon Include Garlic Butter 700-1740 $22.99
Baby Back Ribs (Half) 1340-3740 $19.99
Baby Back Ribs (Full) 1340-3740 $29.98
Ribs and Chicken Tenders 1070-2250 $19.99
Steak and Baby Back Ribs 1010-2190 $23.99
Steak and Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 870-1910 $21.99
Steak, Tenders and Ribs Combo 1630-2810 $25.99

Seafood Favorites

Items Calories Price
Salmon With Cedar Planked 590-1630 $19.99
Santa Fe Tilapia 540 $12.49
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 6 Oz. 460-1780 $15.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 9 Oz. 460-1780 $18.99
Bayou Salmon 6 Oz. (New) 1080-2260 $18.99
Bayou Salmon 9 Oz. (New) 1250-2430 $21.99
Mahi With Basil Butter 510-1690 $18.99
Shrimp (Buttermilk Fried) 860-1900 $15.49
Catfish (Hand Breaded) 1720 $12.99
Fish And Chips (Hand Battered) 1420 $12.49

Combo Entrees Menu

Items Calories Price
BBQ Ribs and Pork Chop 1600-2860 $19.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders 1150-2190 $19.99
Build Own Combo $14.99
Ribs and Chicken Tenders 1070-2250 $19.99
Seafood Combo Platter 1950 $18.99
Steak, Tenders and Ribs Combo 1630-2810 $25.99
Steak and Baby Back Ribs 1010-2190 $23.99
Steak and Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 870-1910 $21.99
Surf and Turf (Southern) 2170-3350 $18.99
Items Calories Price
Chicken Tenders (O’charley’s Famous) 1190-2370 $13.99
Southern Fried Chicken (Honey Drizzled) 720 $12.99
Chicken Tenders and Fries (O’charley’s Famous) 1410 $11.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta (New Orleans) 1170 $13.49
Shrimp Pasta with Bayou (New) 1060 $13.99
Chicken (Balsamic Glazed) 680-1860 $12.99

Burgers and Sandwiches

Items Calories Price
Classic Cheeseburger 1330 $11.49
Bacon Cheddar Burger 1400 $12.49
Chicken Sandwich 1360-1400 $10.99
Catfish O’boy 1820 $12.49

Salads and Soups

Items Calories Price
Fried Chicken Tender Salad (Southern) 1550 $12.49
California Salad 1020-1210 $12.99
Potato (Loaded) Soup 470 $5.49
Chicken (Pecan) Tender Salad (Southern) 1550 $12.49
Salmon Caesar Salad 760 $14.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup 190 $5.49

Famous Rolls and Sides

Items Price
8 Rolls $2.99
Side Items
Baked Potato (Loaded) $3.99
Mac And Cheese (Loaded) $3.99
French Fries $2.99
Potatoes (Smashed) $2.99
Potatoes (Loaded & Smashed) $3.99
Sweet Potatoes (Mashed) $2.99
Mac and Cheese $2.99
Fresh Asparagus $2.99
Rice Pilaf $2.99
Coleslaw $2.99
Fresh Broccoli (Steamed) $2.99
Mandarin Orange Slices $2.99
Mott’s Applesauce $2.99
Side Salads
Caesar Salad $3.79
House Salad $3.79

Extras (Family Size)

Items Price
Butter (8 oz.) $2.59
Ranch (8 oz.) $2.59
Sour Cream (8 oz.) $2.59
Honey Mustard (8 oz.) $2.59
Blue Cheese (8 oz.) $2.59
Balsamic Vinaigrette (8 oz.) $2.59
1000 Island (8 oz.) $2.59
Light Ranch (8 oz.) $2.59
Original BBQ (8 oz.) $2.59
Buffalo (8 oz.) $2.59
Chipotle BBQ (8 oz.) $2.59


Items Calories Price
Nachos (Chicken Tender) 1300 $11.99
Jack Cheese Wedges (Spicy) 720 $8.99
Top Shelf Combo 1880 $13.49
Meatball Crostini (New) 980 $8.99
Loaded Potato Skins 1400 $9.99
Crab (Stuffed) and Shrimp $11.99
Pickle Chips (Crispy) 690 $7.99
Chips and Queso 520 $7.49
Spinach And Artichoke Dip 710 $8.99

Kids Meals

Items Calories Price
Chicken Tenders 530-800 $4.49
Chicken Tenders (Large) 680-950 $5.49
Burger 545-720 $5.49
Cheeseburger 610-790 $5.49
Alfredo Pasta 530 $3.49
Mac And Cheese 1120-1300 $3.49
Corn Dogs (Mini) 700-970 $4.49
Mac And Cheese with Chicken Tender (Bowl) 1440-1620 $4.49
Potatoes (Mashed) and Chicken Tender (Bowl) 590 $5.49
Chicken Tender Sliders 840-1110 $5.49

Kids Beverages

Items Calories Price
Chocolate Milk 200 $1.49
Milk 100 $1.49
Unsweetened Tea 0 $1.49
Coca Cola 0-110 $1.49
Apple Juice (Juicy Juice) 150 $1.49
Candy Fizz (Cotton) 120 $2.49
Lemonade (Strawberry) 200 $2.49


Items Calories Price
Brownie Bites 1640 $6.99
Double Cobblers (New) 870-1010 $5.99
Tiramisu (3 Pcs Mini) 570 $7.99
Cheesecake (Strawberry) 710 $6.99
Key Lime Pie (Slice) 400 $4.99
Caramel Pie (Ooey Gooey) Slice 640 $4.99
Caramel Pie (Ooey Gooey) Whole 4320 $14.99
Sundae (Brownie Lover’s) For 2 1650 $6.99


Items Calories Price
Orange Lava Burst (Hi C) Gallon 1600 $4.99
Coca Cola 0-170 $2.99
Sweet Tea (Gallon) 960 $4.99
Lemonade (Minute Maid) 1600 $4.99
Mango Tea (Gallon) $8.29
Blackberry Tea (Gallon) $8.29
Raspberry Tea (Gallon) $8.29
Peach Tea (Gallon) $8.29
Passion Fruit Tea (Gallon) $8.29
Sweet Tea 120 $2.99
Mango Tea (Gallon) 110 $2.99
Raspberry Tea (Sugar Free) 5 $2.99
Peach TEA 110 $2.99
Passion Fruit Tea 140 $2.99
Unsweet Tea 5 $2.99

Popular Menu Items at O Charley’s Restaurant & Bar You Must Try

We merely need to show you the dishes that this restaurant has always been known for. You won’t enjoy it, but you’ll adore it!

1. Chicken Tenders

The greatest crispy tenders can be found there! To get to the soft beef interior, you must bite through just this of their crunchy exterior.

Their tenders are expertly prepared using their exclusive buttermilk. Remember to use their sauces! Buffalo, honey mustard, chipotle, and smokey honey BBQ are all available.

2. A traditional cheeseburger

This is a well-known and classic dish, but nobody ever gets tired of it!

Cheddar cheese, some soft bread, well-prepared meat, tomato, onions, and lettuce are all included. And voilà! It fulfills all of your cheeseburger desires.

3. O’club Sandwich

Just picture their turkey meat blended with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, ham, and cheese! When discussing how the tastes are combined, this sandwich is fantastic.

Ordering Procedures at O Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

You can also download PostMates or DoorDash for online delivery.

Their ordering process is simple: just click the “Order Now” button in the top right corner and select your location and the nearby restaurant.

Place the meal in your cart, proceed to the checkout, register for an account, and select a pickup time.

Payment Procedures

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are all accepted. Additionally, eGift Cards can be purchased for later use.

Delivery Techniques

O’Charley’s made sure to offer a variety of delivery options in order to please as many consumers as possible.

In-store Available
Home delivery Available
Curbside Pickup Available

O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar information

In 1969, Charley Watkins, the company’s founder, opened the first location of the restaurant franchise.

He continued to operate his restaurant for around 15 years while both business and popularity gradually increased.

In less than three years after the second owner entered the picture, the restaurant become a small franchise.

People ultimately began to love the brand and its meals in the middle of the 1980s when they started to become popular.

They were well-known for their meals and because you started to hear about them in all of the major American cities.

This gets us to the present day. Even more popular than it was thirty years ago, this restaurant chain is expanding and delighting patrons.

Final Reflections

Given their menu, visiting O’Charley’s is an excellent idea. Each person would like the variety of foods on this menu.

They offer everything our heart could desire, including chicken tenders, burgers, soups, and many sides.

Visit the restaurant right away! You won’t be sorry you tried their cuisine.

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