Time & Specials for Bonefish Grill’s Happy Hour in 2023

From 4 pm on Monday through Sunday, Bonefish Grill, your go-to place for delectable seafood and drinks, now provides handmade happy hour.

Location-specific end times for happy hour may apply.

After a long day at work, you can be sure to have a good time because it happens every evening.

The customized menu features favourites from the menu for regulars,

  • Draft beer, house wine, select spirits, and other beverages on special
  • Handcrafted Martinis and Cocktails

at a reduced cost.

To be more precise, draft beer will be discounted by $1, but house wines and some spirits will still cost $5 and $7, respectively.

Martinis and cocktails are only $6 each.

There, you may get well-known martinis and drinks like the refreshing Blueberry Lemon Drop with a dash of vodka, the coconut-flavored Coconut Crush with a blast of pineapple, and the summer-appropriate Fresh Margarita.

So, if you enjoy cocktails, now is the time to get a glass of something tasty and colourful to brighten your day.

Depending on the region, there may be variations in price, hours, participation, and availability.

For example, Fulton Country, North Carolina, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Gwinnett do not allow single-liquor mixed drinks as Bacardi, Massachusetts, New Amsterdam, Absolut, Jack Daniel’s, Tito’s, and a few others.

Go to Bonefish Grill Bar to take advantage of this budget-friendly and palate-pleasing cuisine because that’s where it all happens.

on addition to serving delectable meals and drinks, Bonefish Grill specializes on seafood.

So why keep waiting? During this magical moment, put your order right away!


Bonefish Grill Happy Hour Time

Select your nearest location to see the happy hour end time! Experience the flavor TODAY!

Days Time
Monday Sunday 4 pm onwards

Hand-Crafted Happy Hour starts daily at 4 pm and end times are different at different locations.

Happy Hour Bonefish Grill Specials

Price (Offers) Items
$5.00 House Wines
$1 OFF Draft Beers
$7.00 Select Spirits
Tito’s, Bacardi, Absolut, Dewar’s, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Amsterdam, Indiana not available, North Carolina and Gwinnett and Fulton County, GA.
$6.00 Martinis & Cocktails (Hand-Crafted)
Fresh Margarita
Cointreau, Lunazul Blanco Tequila, fresh lime simple syrup
Blueberry & Lemon Drop
Blueberry purée, Absolut Citron, sugared rim, fresh sour mix
Coconut Crush
A twist on the classic Pina Colada. Bacardi Cuatro Anejo Rum, Bacardi Superior Rum, coconut + pineapple & orange juices, hand shaken + served on the rocks with a pineapple wedge garnishing.

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